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Post  Tikiya on Fri Jan 07, 2011 3:47 pm

* Retard: If you're retarded. Most often a demote to this rank is followed by a swift kick out of the guild.

* Alt: Pretty much speaks for itself, people are allowed to have alts in the guild.

* Social: People that aren't alts, doesn't necessary have to be maxlvl or raid with us. They are in the guild for the social part.

* Trial: This is the rank people will get when they join the guild. From here people will have to prove that they want to raid with us and can play well. This means being active, show up on raids and do GOOD dps, etc.

* Member: The rank you will get when you show that you can play well and listen. Requires ventrilo. Gives priority for raids over Trials, and lets you get materials for enchants (enchanting profession, nothing else) for PvE gear that is a mainspecc upgrade.

* Veteran: Good players that are loyal to the guild and/or plays really well. Always on ventrilo with mic and listens well.

* Raider: Got 110%(!) attendance, always on ventrilo+mic and speaks in it, rarely fucks up and are overall awesome.

* Officer's Alt: Tikiya and Ilinára's alts.

* Officer: Tikiya - Is so fluffeh we're gonna die! Tech support.

* Guild Master: Ilinára - Sensei

- Members and any ranks above have the right to get materials and/or enchants from the guild bank (for mainspec items that are an upgrade and 359 or higher). Veterans and Raiders can also on their own take out whatever they want from the Random Tab.

- Remember, WHINING about getting a higher rank won't do you any good AT ALL. Both me and Ilinára are taking all people in our guild in consideration who deserves a higher rank, and we don't need to get pushed in the back.

- The same goes for raid invites.

- If you would feel really forgotten though, you are allowed to give us a friendly reminder. But remember that blackmailing only piss people off. Be clear with your intentions in the guild, and do not assume we just know what you're thinking.

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