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Raiding Rules - Read this. Empty Raiding Rules - Read this.

Post  Tikiya on Fri Jan 07, 2011 3:43 pm

As you should know by now, <Roiyaru> is a casual guild, but that doesn't mean we don't want progress! Both me, Ilinára and Holydivér have been in hardcore guilds before, and here are some rules we want you to follow for us all to have smooth raiding runs.

1. For every raid we want you to be repaired before we start. Why? So everyone got the same durability (100%). When we got a repbot or mount up, EVERYONE should repair, even if your gear is on 99%.

2. You must have vent installed and be online on it during raids. Mic is not a must but it is preferred.

3. During raids you are NOT allowed to get a drink unless we got a break. The only thing you are allowed to say "brb" for is bathroom or other important things.

4. We will count on if you sign for a raid and don't say anything, YOU WILL BE THERE. Otherwise you need to tell us. Signing and don't show up(or not telling us) just shows that you don't care about the guild and don't have any respect for other people.

5. If we wipe during a boss EVERYONE runs in as fast as they can. Ressing people causing downtime when we got progress raids.

6. If the raidleader says it is a wipe, you STOP HEALING RIGHT AWAY.

Loot rules:
We are not using any DKP counting system for attendance in this guild, but instead using a sort of loot council, consisting of one person (GM/RL Ilinára). It is also up to you to know what is BiS (Best in Slot) for your class and specc and inform Ilinára about it.

- We are using a loot priority system with ranks.
If you are Member you have a higher priority to get loot over a Trial.
Veterans and Raiders have additional Loot Prio over Members.
Between two Members who want the same item, you roll.

If Ilinára decide that one of two Members could get better use of an item, his word is law.
(Last part of a Set to get a Set Bonus for example, or item in question being BiS for one of the classes.)

No form of whining about loot is allowed, and in this guild we care more about progress then loot.

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