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Melee (cap stats) Empty Melee (cap stats)

Post  Ilinára on Sun Sep 12, 2010 1:47 pm

A few key points to being good as a melee is knowing the main stats, called cap stats.
These are Hit and Expertise.

A special skill requires 8% (Aka Mortal Strike, Mutilate etc) hit to be unable to miss a target 3 levels above you. Bosses counts as 3 lvls higher, even though you can not see their actual level.

Expertise is required to lower a targets Dodge and/or Parry chance. A boss got 6% Dodge while standing behind it, and a 14% chance to Parry while standing in front. They can not Parry while you stand behind. So you will need a total of 6% expertise (26 expertise on level 80), to not get Dodged.

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